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  • Mar
    Transformational Breathwork

    Transformational breathwork is a simple but highly effective guided breathing practice that brings about profound clarity, relaxation, and self-connection. Join Radharani as she guides you deeper with the sound of her transporting music and ethereal voice. $25

  • Mar
    Spring Kirtan

    Chant into your intentions with an evening of Kirtan guided by Radharani and friends. Discover how the vibrations of music and joined voices can shift your perspective and turn energy into transformative action. $20

  • Mar
    Reiki 2.5: The Mind-Body Connection

    Join Adrea as she shares the newest findings from the scientific exploration into the Mind-Body Connection and how they impact and enhance energetic healing. We’ll explore the subtle layers of the mind and emotions and learn different approaches to address imbalances in each area. $75 ( Prerequisite- Reiki 2 and above)

  • Apr
    Kick Out The Kapha!

    Join Kendra in this ayurvedic workshop where we will discover and implement yogic ways to blast out the cold stagnant energy of winter to help us transition into the vibrant energy of spring! $45

Upcoming Classes


Welcome to Liberation Yoga and Wellness Center located in Mahopac, NY. It is our mission to bring empowerment, healing and liberation to the body, mind, and spirit. We offer high-quality yoga instruction for everybody, from super athletes to those with severe physical limitations and everything in between. We also offer a full range of wellness services, including massage therapy, reiki and acupuncture.

  • Body

    Restore your body to its natural state of health, develop strength and flexibility, and improve your range of motion and sense of balance.

  • Mind

    Find relaxation, peace, and much needed stress relief through bodily movement, deep breath work, and philosophy to feed your mind.

  • Spirit

    Transform and liberate yourself through encounters with a vibrant community of teachers and students at Liberation. Discover new ideas and ancient practices to find connection and uplift in your everyday life.


Join us for our monthly Reiki Circle. Open to Reiki practitioners, those wanting to learn about Reiki and alternative healing, or anyone in need of healing. This donation-based circle will include body centering, guided meditation, and Reiki healing exchange in an informal and nurturing environment.


Liberation Yoga & Wellness Center