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Our Classes

Whether you’ve never taken a Yoga class before or already have a strong practice, at Liberation Yoga you’ll find classes at your level that are challenging, fun, and enlightening. We offer yoga in several different styles and levels, so you can find your ideal yoga class.

  • Restorative

    Let go and sink into the bliss in a Restorative Yoga class. Props like blankets, bolsters and blocks are used to support the body in a variety of relaxing, opening stretches, making our Restorative class the ultimate way to end the work week. Perfect for all levels.

  • Yin Yoga

    Slow down and chill out in a Yin Yoga class. A gentle class for almost all bodies, Yin uses long-held passive stretches to work your connective tissues and restore joint health. Yin classes bring you back to stillness and serenity.

  • Yin Yang Yoga

    Discover balance in this blended class. Beginning with the deep introspection of passively held yin poses, this class evolves into a slow-moving meditation of standing poses and concludes with either silent or guided mediation to allow your body and mind to absorb the benefits the practice.

  • Gentle Yoga

    Melt into relaxation with this slow- paced class based on gentle but active stretches and postures accessible for all body types and ages. Gentle yoga is a great place to start a regular yoga practice.

  • Kundalini

    Generate an energetic state which ultimately leads to greater self-awareness through kiryas composed of asanas and gentle movements. Strip away layers of consciousness to find empowerment and healing through pranayama. Strengthen your intuition and knowledge and connect more deeply to yourself through meditation.

  • Vinyasa Level 1

    Move, stretch, and strengthen your body in our Vinyasa classes. Level 1 Vinyasa emphasizes proper alignment of the key poses, cultivating body awareness, strength and flexibility to create a sense of confidence in your body. A great starting place for beginners with an active lifestyle, or for those returning to the practice after a break.

  • Vinyasa Level 2

    Liberate your body in one of our fun and challenging Vinyasa Level 2 classes. Building on the foundations of a Level 1 class, you’ll find more advanced variations of familiar postures, complex and creative sequences, and a vigorous pace to heat your body from the inside out.

  • Vinyasa Level 3

    Ready to fly? Level 3 Vinyasa is a class for experienced yogis ready for a serious challenge. Arm balances, inversions, binds, and crazy fun transitions are just some of what you’ll find in this weekly class. Please honor your level and feel free to ask your favorite level 2 teacher if this class is right for you.

  • Pre-Natal

    For mommies to be, our pre-natal specialty class focuses on poses and practices that decrease swelling, anxiety, back and leg pain, insomnia, and increase flexibility, strength, circulation, and balance. Adapt gracefully to your changing body and connect with other expecting mothers during this time of profound transformation.

  • Chair Yoga

    Using a chair to support yoga poses, this style of yoga is perfect for anyone with physical limitations, but is popular with yogis from all walks of life. Discover what chair yoga can do for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Get fit while you sit!
    Special Price: $14

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