We are not currently offering outdoor pop-up classes. Please check back in the spring!


In addition to our live-streamed classes, when weather permits, we offer outdoor pop-up yoga classes with your favorite teachers at sites volunteered by people in the community. If you would like to offer your property for a class, please reach out to us at liberationyogamahopac@gmail.com!  All pop-up classes are weather-dependent and will have restrictions detailed below.  All outdoor classes will be $25, require prior sign-up (no drop-ins) and are limited by both NYS rules and regulations as well as both the space and parking available at each site.

Also, if you’d like to arrange a private class in your backyard with your favorite teacher for yourself or a small group, let us know!

Outdoor “Pop-Up” classes will be announced on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on our MindBody page where you sign in for online classes.  Registration will typically only open a few days before the class so we can keep an eye on the weather.  


What you need to know about Outdoor Yoga

o   Masks are optional, but social distancing is not (mats and people remain at least 6ft apart).

o   There will be no access to restrooms, so go before you arrive!  Please do not even ask, as we don’t want our generous hosts to feel pressured to let people inside their homes.

o   Please be courteous to our hosts, they are donating their space for the benefit of all of us!

o   No props will be provided (it is unsafe to share them), so we encourage you to bring your own, including a mat.

o   Advance registration is required, and we will open the mindbody page a few days before to sign up. No drop-ins will be accepted, no payment will be accepted at the site.  

o   You will receive the street address of the private home hosting the class when you register.

o   Due to the extreme economic strain on our business, we will not be offering any discounts or class packages for outdoor classes.  They will be purchased as a special single class ($25) when you sign up. 

o   Payment is taken upon registration, and due to the limitations of space, no refunds will be offered for cancellation under 24 hours. 

o   Due to cost of credit card fees, weather related cancellations will not be refunded. You may use the class purchased for another outdoor event, or ask us to convert it to use for an online package.

o   Consider bug spray!

o   Bring water to stay hydrated!  Sunglasses are also very helpful. 


We can’t wait to see you in person again!


Upcoming Outdoor Classes: