Liberation is officially LIVE!

In order to continue to offer yoga classes to all of you during this time of change, we’re putting forward two options for yoga from home. First is a robust schedule of paid live classes taught at a reduced rate compared to our usual in-studio class rates. Secondly, we are making two of our Zoom classes each week free for anyone. Feel free to spread the word – all that’s needed is to make a Mindbody account and sign in as usual, these classes won’t ask for a payment option. The free classes are:

  • Chair Yoga 11:45 Mondays with Lucy
  • Gentle Yoga 6pm Wednesdays with Lucy
  • **We are also offering a free Yoga For Cancer class taught by Anne Burningham on Tuesdays from 11:45am-12:45pm. Please help us spread the word to anyone you know who is a cancer survivor or in treatment**


We will be offering live classes via the online platform, Zoom, that can be paid for over our MindBody website.

Below you will find our Liberation LIVE pricing Options:

1) A Drop-In Single Zoom class for $15

2) An Unlimited Week of Zoom classes for $30

3) An Unlimited Month of Zoom classes for $99/month

3) An Unlimited Family Month (up to four people/devices) of Zoom classes for $175/month

4) A 10 Class Card of Zoom classes for $120

***If you need to use your current in-studio class package, you may do so by emailing us. We will deduct classes from your fixed rate packages, or reactivate your otherwise frozen unlimited packages. We will only do this if you email us at to request it. This is currently the best way to reach us – we are not checking the studio phone and it takes a very long time for our studio emails to be forwarded to our devices at home.

Otherwise your account will remain frozen until we resume normal operation.***

Further down this page you will find a video tutorial on how to sign up for our classes through our Mindbody website. Please read all the information below before watching the video.

We’re continuing to improve the infrastructure and sign in process to make things as easy as possible for everyone. Here are a few things we’d like to ask you to do to make things run a bit smoother:

1) Please don’t sign into a class on mindbody more than three days in advance. While we love your enthusiasm, if you sign in more than three days in advance there is a slight chance that you may receive the incorrect Zoom link.

2) Please do sign into your class on Mindbody before the class time. Mindbody won’t allow you to sign into class once the class time has been reached, and we’ve confirmed with the company that this is hardcoded and unable to change. If you sign in an hour or two early, you’ll have the Zoom link, and you can enter the class late if you needed to.

3) Please enter the class on Zoom before the start time of the class. Even if it’s just a few minutes it helps us start on time. We need a little time to help you arrange the camera in such a way so that we can see your whole practice.
Best Camera practice: arrange your mat so that the camera is facing the long edge, not the short edge. Be far enough back from the camera (if there’s space) so that we can see the top of your head while you’re standing for vinyasa and gentle classes, and the top of your head while sitting for yin and restorative classes. Feel free to just activate the camera on your device and experiment to save time before class.
If you’re not comfortable being on camera… We understand, however we encourage you to move out of your comfort zone as we have. If we can’t see you it’s hard to do our jobs and give you a safe, productive experience. That said, we understand some of you might not be ready for this, so we won’t force you to turn your camera on. We do believe that it is in your best interest to do so however. Remember: no one in class cares what your practice looks like except your teacher!

4) You will receive a unique link for each class you take. Make sure you are clicking the correct link, especially if you don’t see anyone else in the chat. If you don’t see anyone, check your email – we may have needed to send you another link.

5) Ensure that the email and phone number we have for you in Mindbody is accurate. Also, make sure you have enabled email (and if you choose, text) notifications from us. Without this feature enabled you won’t receive any links at all.

For instructions on how to sign into our live online classes, watch this video tutorial! Once you sign in for the class, a link to that specific class will be emailed or texted to you. Click on this link up to 30 minutes before the class starts to join the class! Email us at if you have any difficulty receiving a link.

June Schedule

  • Adrea will be running the Monthly Reiki Circle on Thursday, June 28th from 6:00-7:30pm
  • Julie will be running her monthly Women’s Circle on Tuesday, June 9th from 5:30-6:45pm




10am Vinyasa II with Jessica
11:45am Chair Yoga with Lucy (Free Class)
6pm Vinyasa I with Allie
7:30pm Yin Yoga with Kassie


10am Vinyasa I with Adrienne
11:45am Yoga for Cancer with Anne Burningham (Free Class)
6pm Vinyasa II with Kassie
6pm Jnana Yoga (philosophy) with Dave
7:30pm Yin Yoga with Adrienne


10am Vinyasa I with Adrea
6pm Gentle Yoga with Lucy (Free Class)
7:30pm Vinyasa II Lunar Flow with Johanna


10am Vinyasa II with Adrea
6pm Vinyasa II with Dave
7:30pm Gentle Yoga with Lucy


10am Yin Yoga with Kassie
11:45am Chair Yoga with Lucy
6pm Vinyasa I with Fallon


10am Vinyasa Level 2/3 with Adrea
12:30pm Gentle Yoga with Lucy


9am Vinyasa 1 with Adrea
9am Prenatal Yoga with Adrienne
11am Vinyasa 2 with Meditation with Dave
7:30pm Yin/Yoga Nidra with Adrienne


If you have any questions please email us at Otherwise, we’ll see you on the mat!


Love and light!

Adrea, Dave, Kassie, & the Liberation Team