Liberation is happy to showcase local artist and artisans whose works promote peace and relaxation, enlightenment and empowerment. These talented artists have crafted a way through life where their Spirituality is practiced and expressed beautifully through their art. We find them truly exceptional and hope you do too!

Shey Khandro

As a fine artist, renowned speaker, philosopher & poet Sherab “Shey” Khandro will inspire you to take a visionary look at our world and move beyond your perceived limitations. Fifteen years as a Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition, she brings profound spiritual training to all she does. She shares thoughts about the power each of us have to make a positive difference through our smallest choices. Transforming each moment, we come alive with purpose and passion. Committed to living from her heart, she inspires others to do the same.


October 2018- TBA

January 2019- TBA

Visit from Ganesha

Visit From GaneshaEastern spiritual art has layers of symbolic meaning. Its intention is to tell a story, to hold an energy. Many would say this sacred art is a living presence here to remind us of our own spiritual nature.

Ganesha expresses the importance of rooting ourselves firmly in the fundamental human values of Loving Kindness, Compassion, and Joy. He expresses his conviction that true happiness comes from within. As we calm our minds, as we recognize our own inherent goodness, we access the peace and love arising naturally as the expression of who we truly are. Ganesha invites us to live into our highest qualities as a path of peace, peace in our hearts, peace in our world.


Shey uses “Visit from Ganesha” to provide a focal point for a World Peace meditation.

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Liberation Yoga is thrilled to have “Visit from Ganesha” and “Our Time is Now” adorning the studio walls. We are excited to be retailing her greeting cards, bookmarks, and her handcrafted sacred pendants and charms. The pieces featured above can be purchased at our studio. Reserve yours today.

For more jewelry and sculptures visit her ETSY store or GOLDENSTEIN GALLERY.