Awaken the Healer within!

Our reiki certifications are on pause during the pandemic. We value the experience we provide to you in these training sessions and realize we cannot safely do them during the pandemic while following social distancing guidelines.   

Please join us for our monthly virtual reiki circles to learn more about healing and reiki.


Liberation Yoga offers Reiki Certification for all levels in the Usui Shiki Tradition and focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Energetic Healing.

The Adhikara Healing Academy was created by Liberation founder and Reiki Master Teacher, Adrea Robles. When one of her early Reiki students finished the level 1 training, they felt lost with what to do next. As a student and teacher of energetic healing, Adrea created supplements to the Reiki Material to help her students get the most from their Reiki Training. This material supplies the foundation to a deeper understanding of energetic healing and provides different tools and techniques that bring about lasting results.

  • REIKI I: Self-Healing

    Next Class: TBA

    By bringing the Reiki energy into our lives, we can start to use it to strengthen our bodies, calm our minds, and help us to release habits and patterns that are impeding our healing, growth, and development.

    The course includes:

    • The History of Reiki and its creator Dr. Mikao Usui
    • The 5 Reiki Principles
    • Attunement to Reiki Level 1
    • What changes you can expect as a Reiki Practitioner
    • Giving a Reiki session using your intuition or the Traditional Hand positions
    • Adhikara Supplement of The Theory of Energetic Healing & How Reiki Heals; Health Building and Self Care Techniques; and Exercises to cleanse each chakra and strengthen the aura
  • REIKI II: Professional

    Next Class: TBA

    Reiki II enhances and deepens level 1 by increasing that amount of Reiki energy you can channel and introducing you to the Reiki symbols and mantras.

    The course includes:

    • Attunement to Reiki Level II
    • The Sacred Symbols: How they direct the Energy
    • Creative Ways to Use Reiki in your Daily Life
    • Giving a Reiki Session
    • Performing a Distance Healing
    • Adhikara Supplement of Reiki and the Mind and Role of the Healer; Accessing the Deeper Levels of Disease using the Chakras, Spiritual Anatomy and Emotions; Healing through Color, Crystals, & Balancing the Chakras; and Other Healing Techniques Using Reiki Energy.
  • Adhikara Reiki Supplement 2.5: The Mind-Body Connection

    Next Class: TBA

    Prerequisites: Reiki I and II
    This class introduces us to basic psychological knowledge that will enhance simple self-healing. Encouragement is given to seek out professional therapy for trauma and heavier issues.  The class explores the Interaction of Psyche and Soma.

    This course includes:

    • Exploring the Mind
    • Understanding pain and its role in healing
    • Balancing Emotions and How to Handle the Emotional Release
    • Introduction to Principles of PNI (psycho-neuro-immunology)
    • Working with Affirmations
    • + Much More
  • Reiki IIIA: Advanced Reiki Training

    Next Class: TBA

    Increasing the amount of energy you can channel; the Master Level opens us up to the Spiritual side of Reiki. Deepen your understanding of Reiki and Energetic Healing plus learn new techniques for the application of the energy.

    The course includes:

    Attunement to the Master Level

    • Understanding the Usui System
    • The Dharma of Reiki:
      • The 3 Pillars of Reiki
      • The 5 Objectives of Reiki
      • Emperor Meiji’s Poems
    • The Origins of Reiki
    • Reiki Master Symbol & Mantra
    • Usui’s Treatment Techniques + Other Reiki & Healing Techniques
    • Plus the Adhikara Supplement: The Master and the Spiritual Path; The Spiritual Aspect and Approach to Healing; Qualities of a Healthy Psyche and their Role in Healing; Tips for the Healer; and Much More
  • Reiki IIIB: Master/Teacher

    Next Class: Email Studio

    Prerequisites: Reiki I, II, & IIIA.  Available after completion of mentorship program.
    This course prepares one to teach Reiki to others.

    The course includes:

    • How to pass attunements for Reiki I, II, & III
    • Mini Attunement
    • Healing Attunement
    • Attunement Symbols & Mantras
    • Class Objectives & Sample Outlines.
    • Teaching Tips for:
      • Reiki
      • Energy/Prana
      • Energetic Healing
      • Developing Intuition

Preparing for a Reiki Attunement

A Reiki Attunement is a process of empowerment that opens your crown, heart, and palm chakras and connects you to the unlimited source of Reiki energy. During the attunement, and for a time after, changes will be made by the attunement energy that opens your system, enabling you to channel Reiki. These changes take place metaphysically in the chakras and aura and also in the physical body. An emotional as well as a toxic release can take place as part of this clearing process.

In order to improve the results of your attunement, a process of purification is recommended. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you. The following steps are OPTIONAL. Follow them only if you feel guided to do so.

  1. Refrain from eating meat, fowl, or fish for three days prior to the attunement. These foods often contain drugs in the form of penicillin and female hormones and toxins in the form of pesticides and heavy metals that make your system sluggish and throw it out of balance.
  2. Consider a water or juice fast for one to three days especially if you already are a vegetarian or have experience with fasting.
  3. Minimize your use of coffee and caffeine drinks or stop completely. They create imbalances in the nervous and endocrine systems. Use no caffeine drinks on the day of the attunement.
  4. Use no alcohol for at least three days prior to the attunement.
  5. Minimize or stop using sweets. Eat no chocolate.
  6. If you smoke, cut back and smoke as little as possible on the day of the attunement.
  7. Meditate half an hour a day for a least a week using a style you are familiar with or simply spend this time in silence.
  8. Reduce or eliminate time watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers.
  9. Go for quiet walks, spend time with nature, and get moderate exercise.
  10. Give more attention to the subtle impressions and sensations within and without you; contemplate their meaning.
  11. Release all anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc up to the light. Create a sacred space within and around you.
  12. A Reiki attunement is an initiation into a sacred metaphysical order that has been present on earth for thousands of years. By receiving an attunement, you will become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to heal themselves and each other and who are working together to heal the Earth. By becoming part of this group, you will also be receiving help from the Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who are also working towards these goals.